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A fun mix of stop-motion animation and 90s nostalgia in this video for Glass Animals’s track with Denzel Curry by New York-based director duo Jason Sondock and Simon Davis aka rubberband. (previously featured here). Inspired by fighter style video games and comic books, “Tokyo Drifting” embraces a bright, vintage aesthetic in a retro future underground fight club setting:

“We had a lot of fun taking outdated processes (everything from 16mm long exposure stop-animation to step printing) and blending them together in a relatively post heavy way. There’s a lot of vfx in the video that you wouldn’t notice outright. We sort of loved the idea of taking what most people would consider laughably old school and bringing it to life with people who are used to working with slick, CG heavy imagery.”


Directors: rubberband.
Production Co: SMUGGLER
CoFounders: Patrick Milling-Smith & Brian Carmody
EP: Elizabeth Doonan
Commissioner: Emily Tedrake
Producer: Josh Sondock
Location Manager: Ron Dabach
Cinematographer: Pat Golan
AD: Jonathan Qualtere
Stylist: Savannah White
MUA: Takahiro
Edit: Simon Davis & Kao Cheng Kai
Colourist: Joseph Bicknell @ Company 3


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