Stunning footage from the Kumbh Mela Hindu pilgrimage by Brooklyn-based director and cinematographer Jeremy Snell (previously featured here). Shot in Allahabad and Varanasi earlier this year, “Pilgrims” is a meditative look at an event that sees an estimated 120 million people gather between January and March. The historic pilgrimage only occurs once every 6 and 12 years, and is the largest gathering of humans on the planet.


Director & DOP: Jeremy Snell
Editor: Dylan Edwards
Score & Soundscape: James William Blades
Color: Joseph Bicknell (Company 3)
Titles: Alec Wiens
Production Company: Kamalan
Executive Producer: Dheeraj Reddy
Special Thanks:
Vikash Shivram, Ananya Hazarika, Bradley Tangonan,
Joris Debeij, Matthew Firpo, Joshua Ecevarria, Metpost
Shot on: Kodak Film


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