A beautiful collaboration between director Michaël I. Sewandono and Dutch composer/pianist Joep Beving. Set to tracks “Henosis” and “Anamnesis,” the film follows multiple characters, unwittingly mimicking each other across time and space. While leading separate lives, each individual shares an inner voice and innate knowledge that parallels the way Beving seeks to establish deeper connections between those he describes as “wondering souls” through his music.


Chutima Boonkarnchanarat
Rachata Singchan
Tanya van Graan
Graham Clarke
Al Imran Karim

Music by Joep Beving
Directed by Michaël I. Sewandono
Produced by Czar Amsterdam, MediaMonks Singapore, Lynx Indonesia

Cape Town:
Producer: Marius van de Weerd, Czar Amsterdam
Production: David Leite and Helen Atty, WithMilk Films
Camera: Martijn van Broekhuizen, nsc
Art Department: Simon McLoughlin, James Mudzingwa, Ebrahim Ishmael

Producer: Kep Bruinsma, Media Monks Singapore
Production: Sasit Sean Suvanadesa
Camera: Michaël I. Sewandono

Producer: Rob O’Hare, Lynx Films
Production: Jo Lydia, Kathleen Malay
Camera: Michaël I. Sewandono
Colour: Cem Ozkilicci @Uhoert
Post-Production: Paal Rui @Imposter, William E. Schaad, Robert Jota @Uhoert
Natura* footage by Floris Schönfeld, John Treffer

Music: Anamnesis
Written and Performed by Joep Beving
Produced, recorded and mixed by Gijs van Klooster
Music: Henosis
Written by Joep Beving
Ensemble Orchestration by Max Knoth
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Gijs van Klooster
Electronics Joep Beving
Ensemble Echo Collective
Engineer Pierre Dozin, Gijs van Klooster
Mastered by Zino Mikorey
Executive Producer / A&R: Christian Badzura, Deutsche Grammophon


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