Death takes the form of a beautiful woman (Alexandra Cherkasova-Sluzhitel) in this video for Russian rappers Haski and Maslo Chernogo Tmina by writer-director Lado Kvataniya (previously featured here). “Kill Me” follows Haski and Tmin as they perform a series of mystical rituals to go on a date with Death, as Kvataniya explains:

“The whole video is a metaphor about the inability to find peace, necessary understanding and personal fulfilment in real life. The clinical death of both protagonists should not be taken literally. This is a transition, an intended escape which can be compared to a dream or a fairy tale, the world of fantasies where we often build castles in the air but where we can never get into.”

Warning: Some viewers may find the themes and imagery in this video disturbing.


Written & Directed by Lado Kvataniya
Director of Photography: Kirill Groshev
Producer: Arseniy Zyabbarov
Production Manager: Vladimir Ivanov
Producer Assistant: Vlad Pritulyak
Producer Assistant: Firuz Mukhidov
Line Producer: Aliya Kosaeva
Edit: Vladislav Yakunin
Title: Anton Reva
Sound: Vladimir Elizarov
Colorist: Sofie Borup
Sound Design: Vladimir Elizarov
Lipstick Animation: L.K. & V.Y.
Polaroid Shots: A.Z.
Art Director: Dmitry Kolodin
Wardrobe Stylist: Akbope Abdrash
MUAH: Nargiz Aminova
Art Director Assistants: Mirha Katoya, Zoya Khorosheva, Mikhail Lazarev,
Mark Shpaltakov, Pavel Chirkin, Dmitry Kastorskiy, Edgar, Sema
1st AC: Ruslan Osipov
Camera Assistant: Victor Saratov
Gaffer: Sultan Kakimbekov
Lights Equipment: Cinerental Kazakhstan, Abylaikhan Ashimov
Electricians: Ruslan Salamov, Alexey Zhukavkin, Konstantin Tsoy,
Esengeldi Meldebekov
Stuntman Team: Kazakhunion Action Team
Stuntman Master: Baurzhan Abishev
Stuntmans: Erkin Mekebaev, Tilebaldy Serikazy


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