Lovely look to this video for Saro by Los Angeles-based director Alex Cook (previously featured here). An exploration of the words and feelings that go unspoken, “Nothing Remains” speaks to the ability of music and art to express the things so often left buried in our own inner worlds. As Saro explains:

“I wrote ‘Nothing Remains’ about the anger stage of mourning a loss. When I lost something so close to me with no explanation, it felt like all I could do was attempt to scream away the pain. I wanted the music video to embody the healing properties of music and how I use it as an escape from reality. Music can truly make it feel like the whole world freezes for a moment.”


Director: Alex Cook
Producer: Katy Cook
Director of Photography: Corey C. Waters
Production Designer: Mollie Wartelle
Editor: Mike Metzler
1st AC: Seth Lawrence
2nd AC: Sergey Nikitenko
Gaffer: Eli DiFiore
Key Grip: Kelley Nesper
Grip: Anthony Minassian, Rahul Biruly, Matt Kloker
Actors: Cynda McElvana, Kelly Ryan, Halleta Alemu


This video was submitted by Alex Cook and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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