A young Muslim woman grapples with a life-changing decision in this wonderfully stripped-down short by Australian/Indian filmmaker Michael Gupta. The film was inspired by a newspaper article about the experiences of a Middle Eastern family and the mother’s fear of reprisal after learning her daughter had become pregnant out of wedlock. Working closely with collaborator Aanisa Vylet, Gupta offers an intimate portrait of a young woman torn between a sense of duty to her family and her own hidden desires:

“Asghar Farhadi is one of my favourite filmmakers, I admire the way he interrogates seemingly simple questions that slowly, slowly unravel like an onion. For Flower, the question became – If I show you who I am, will you accept me, no matter what? Of course, for us time was too limited for complete unravelling but I wanted the audience to wonder what might happen to this woman after the credits.”


Starring: Aanisa Vylet, Vaishnavi Suryaprakash, Joshua Mehmet
Writer/Director: Michael Gupta
Production Co: Middlechild
Cinematographer: Sam Phibbs
Production Designer: Bethany Ryan
Sound Designer: Nathan Ruyle
Composer: Ravi Gupta


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