A beautiful video for Black Pumas track “Colors” by New York City-based director Kristian Mercado (previously featured here):

“I really wanted to capture how powerful the sounds and vocals of Black Pumas are. We explore the idea of the Bronx as a living garden, always growing always moving forward, and finding a cinematic landscape in places people often ignore.”


Danai Mafararikwa
Christopher “Afrika” Quarles
Bahiyyah Shakur

Director: Kristian Mercado
Editor: Reuter
Producer: Andrew Nisinson
Assistant Director: Alex Mercado
Assistant Director: Tiffany Stephens
Director of Photography: Rudolf Costin
Director of Photography: Carmelo Varela
Art: Samantha Alvarez, Kori Dyer, Kirsten Pincket
Casting: Kate Antognini
Casting Assistant: Peter Dolshun
Assistant Editor: Danny Weeks
Post Producer: Maggie Flatley, Will Mok
Colorist: Ayumi Ashley
ATO Records: Paul Dryden
Editbar: NTROPIC
Production Company: Pyramyd
Production Manager: Briene Lermitte
Production Assistant: Jeremy Berger


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