Great portrait of Australian photographer Tim Swallow directed and shot by Ed Triglone (previously featured here). Shot over a 6 month period in the lead up to his recent solo show, “Beautiful Mistakes” offers insight into Swallow’s creative workflow and compulsive nature as an artist striving to perfect his craft.


Photographer Tim Swallow
Director & DP: Ed Triglone
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Sound Recordist: Olly Dibley
Assisted by Mitch Parry
Editors: Ed Triglone, Aytan Lachish
Sound Mix: Olly Dibley

“The Revealer” by Rick Snowden
“Going Steady” by Leroy Francis
“Bounce” by Leroy Francis
“The Poison Moth Kingdom” by The Uplifting Bell Ends
“This Is” by Rick Snowden


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