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“The Arrival” by Justin Tyler Close (NSFW) - BOOOOOOOM TV - A daily selection of the best short films, music videos, and animations.

A poetic visualization of loss, tragedy, and climate change by Los Angeles-based director Justin Tyler Close. “The Arrival” is based on the experience of renowned artist Lita Albuquerque, who lost her home-studio and archives dating back to the 1960s during the Woolsey Fires in 2018. The traumatic event coincided with the birth of her first grandson, Adé. Capturing the duality of life and death, the film features Lita’s daughter, Jasmine Albuquerque, as the Queen. As Justin explains:

“Through this visual opera, we created a surreal performance, dance, music art film, telling the story of Abe (Lita’s grandson) returning home for the first time. In many ways, all the characters are children, existing in this post-apocalyptic world awaiting the Queen (Jasmine) and her baby (Adé). These performers worship the child as if he will one day be king/rule the kingdom. We decided to document this moment through a choreographed performance amongst the ashes of this tragedy.”

Check out “The Arrival” above and see full credits below!


A film by Justin Tyler Close
Choreographers: Nina McNeely, Jasmine Albuquerque
Music: Lo Fang
Poem Written & Read by Lita Albuquerque
Cinematography: Jeremy Cox
Editor: Matt Hollis
Producer: Jessica Law
Producer Assistant: Jax Tranchida
Director Assistant: Matea Friend
First AC: Mike Lemnitzer
Titles: Eric Peschel
Calligraphy: Emily J Snyder
Sound Design/Mix: Dayana Capulong
Colorist: Sam Gilling
PA: Dan Vjdani

Adé Albuquerque Simmons
Brooke Sheppard
Courtney Scarr
Danny Axley
Erin Murray
Jasmine Albuquerque
Kenzie McClure
Lisa McNeely
Maija Knapp
Tomek Sadursky
Ty Wells
Ryan Spencer
Shakti Mitsuko Orismekusa
Ves Phillippi
Thanks to Sirreel Studio Rentals, Keslow Camera, Jon Orner,
Metropolis Post, Ian Bostick, Sweat Spot, Kodak


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