Great cast of characters in this experimental video for Maslo Chernogo Tmina by director Lado Kvataniya (previously featured here). Shot in Russia, “Untitled” follows a diverse group of strangers as they arrive together at a remote cafe filled with post-Soviet aesthetics. The video is a metaphor of compassion, with the cafe representing a kind of timeless Purgatory where lost souls await their final mystical ritual-transition. Wanting to highlight “the type of people we encounter daily,” the cast consists of unprofessional actors without any on camera experience. As Kvataniya explains:

“We just had to set up the camera, everybody left and I brought the actor in. He didn’t know when I was going to shoot and didn’t know what to do. Before that, we were each having a small, but frank, short interview, and what I learned about their lives, frankly speaking, was shocking. I wanted everyone to get their own autobiographical scene.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Written & Directed by Lado Kvataniya
Director of Photography: Kirill Groshev
Producer: Arseniy Zyabbarov
Line Producer: Aliya Kosaeva
Assistant Producer: Vlad Pritulyak
Assistant Producer: Firuz Mukhidov
Edit: Vladislav Yakunin
Color Correction Studio: COMPANY3
Color Correction Artist: Sofie Borup
Production Manager: Vladimir Ivanov
Focus Puller (1st AC): Ruslan Osipov
Camera Technician (2nd AC): Viktor Saratov
Gaffer: Ruslan Salamov
Light equipment: CINERENTAL KAZAKHSTAN Abylaykhan Ashimov
Lightning Technicians: Alexey Zhukavin, Tamerlan Zaurbekov, Amir Abdykalykov, Konstantin Tsoi, Alexandr Amuns, Meldebekov Esengeldi
Costume Designer: Abdrash Akbope
Makeup Artist: Nargiz Aminova
Assistant Makeup: Hudajnazarova Fatima
Production Designer: Dmitry Kolodin
Assistants of Production designer: Mark Shpaltakov, Aliya Kossaeva
Casting Agency: Made of management


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