A fantastic documentary short by New York City-based director and photographer Daniel Soares (previously featured here). Following the efforts of professional Jai Alai athlete, Tevin, to bring back fans to the dying game, “Forgotten” poses the question: “Would you still perform your art, even if nobody was watching?”


Starring: Tevin
Director: Daniel Soares
Editor: Alvaro del Val
DoP: Mika Altskan
1st AC: Isaac Mead-Long
Sound: Franz Brun
Producer: Rance Randle
Producer: Daniel Soares
Producer: Aimee Perrin
Prod Company: Soares Films
Post: Uppercut
Jr Editor: Tyrone Rhabb
Head of Production: Julia Williams
VFX: John Geehreng
Graphic Design: Daniel Soares
Music: Markus Almkvist
Line Production: Bravo
Line Producer: Kelly Laguaite
Audio Post: Bang Audio
Mixer: Nick Cipriano
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
Color Producer: Evan Bauer
Color Coordinator: Blake Rice


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