A delightful musical PSA from Los Angeles-based director Sean Pecknold and musician Garett Van Der Spek aka Prism Tats. While the two friends co-wrote the song as a fun love letter to outdated technology, “This Is My Flip” draws on Pecknold’s actual fondness and use of his flip phone:

“I have come to use [it] as an alternative to the smart phone in moments when I’m feeling particularly fried from apps and constant texting/scrolling, but still need to be in reach by loved ones or have something in case of emergencies. It may sound silly, but I think everyone is trying to figure out ways to deal with communication-fatigue, and this is my current solution.”

Watch above and check out more of Pecknold’s previously featured work here, if you haven’t already!


Directed by Sean Pecknold
Starring Garett Van Der Spek
Song Written by Garett Van Der Spek & Sean Pecknold
Song performed by Prism Tats
Song Mixed by Eric Blood
Edit by Mike Dorsey
Special Thanks:
Adi Goodrich
On The Mark


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