A fantastic use of light and shadow in this video for Col3trane and Miraa May’s track “Rendezvous” by London-based director Jamie Whitby (previously featured here). Inspired by the films of Fritz Lang, the story is told through the projections of its main characters. As Whitby explains:

“I love how [Lang] uses shadow to keep the main action off-screen, withholding visual information from the audience. I also love how he uses shadows almost like doppelgangers, telling a different story to the one being presented by the lit character. That’s what inspired this video for Col3trane, which presents an overblown, almost clichéd bank heist narrative entirely through the shadow’s cast by the action off-screen — two performers quite literally projecting an elaborate fantasy onto the walls of a crumbling, abandoned leisure centre.”

Check out “Rendezvous” above and see full credits below!


Directed by Jamie Whitby
Production Company: Agile Films
Director’s Rep: OB Management
Producer: Freddie Barrass
Exec Producer: Hayley Williams
Commissioner: Maria Lane
DOP: Spike Morris
Art Director: Jabez Bartlett
Colourist: Alex Gregory
Colour Facility: The Mill
VFX Artist: Eamonn Blake
VFX Artist: Sebastian Zaniewski
Sound Designer: Ed de Lacy
Sound Facility: Clearcut
1st AD: Lucas Harding
Steadicam Op: Jake Whitehouse
Focus Puller: Raul Menendez
Clapper Loader: Marcia Sousa
Gaffer: Helio Ribeiro
Spark: Luke Greenan
Standby Art Director: Ellen Wilson
Art Assistant: Alistair Osborne
Runner: Fionn Hutton
Runner: Anne Fleur
Runner: Emily Roberts
Runner: Anith Mohan
Cole Double: Geo Simms
Miraa Double: Ceren Ocal


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