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Two friends stumble upon a device that freezes time in this lovely video by director Kate Dolan for Pillow Queens’ track “Brothers.” While initially using their newfound power for fun, they soon risk losing one another as it drives them apart:

“The lyrics in the verses show quick snapshots of the aftermath from a loss of a friend within a very tight knit group. An element of fear runs through the song as this sudden death makes you look around your group and feel terrified of the chances of another. It touches on a shared grief which drives you to hold dear the memories and moments you have with each other. While this song can be considered one about mourning, it’s ultimately about the intense love you have for your chosen family.”


Ryan Lincoln
Desmond Eastwood
Gemma Keenan
Paul Murphy
Chloe Grehane
Peter McGann
Achille Martone
Dylan Byrne
Ciara Greene

Producer: Karen Twomey
Director: Kate Dolan
1st AD: Eoin Canny
DOP: Evan Barry
Focus Puller: Luke Murphy Gilligan
1st AC: Laurent Murray
Editor/FX: John Cutler
Trainee AD/2nd AD: Roisin Little
DIT: Conor Fleming & Kate Barrett


This video was submitted by Kate Dolan and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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