A heartbreaking piece for Vonavi by Los Angeles-based director Andrew Litten (previously featured here). Shot on 35mm in Bakersfield, “Regrow” offers a character study spanning two different time periods and deals with the affect traumatic events can have on a person’s life.


Dylan Cheek
Matthew Nilsen
Jennifer Nuccitelli
Sean Spencer
Georgie Oliver
Alena Henke

Director: Andrew Litten
Executive Producers: Dylan Harrington, Reza Davoudi, Andrew Litten
Producer: Dylan Harrington
Cinematography: Ben Mullen
1st AC: Josh Quiros
Gaffer: David Arteaga
Sound Mixer: Kyle Pham
Location Manager: Scott Heathcott
Editor: Andrew Litten
Film Scans: Thom Kuo @ EFilm
Color: Mike Howell @ Color Collective
Color Producer: Claudia Guevara
Sound: Sebastian Oliwa


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