A delightfully off-beat short by director Liz Kingsman (previously featured here). Poking fun at the mumblecore subgenre of indie films, “Pollie Has The Keys” features perfectly frustrating performances and improvised dialogue by Sophia Broido, David Elms and Shivani Thussu.


Directed & Edited by Liz Kingsman
Written by Sophia Broido
Robert: Rhys Rusbatch
Cinematographer & Colourist: Andrew Rodger
Camera Assistant: Matthew Gundel
Sound Recordist: Joe Harris
Sound Mix: Jim Griffin
Music by Pat Dam Smyth “The Ides Of March”, courtesy of Karousel Music
Party goers: Chloe Godman, Ishan Ganjoor, Ambika Mod, Patrick Dishman & Nick Adamson


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