A stunning portrait of Ugandan model Simone Awor by Brooklyn-based director and photographer Sonia Malfa. Commissioned by Vogue Italia, “Simone” offers a poetic visual diary of Awor’s intimate journey to overcome breast cancer and find healing within herself and her community.


Commissioned by Vogue Italia
Production Company: Good Company
Executive Producer: Trevor Potts
Producers: Gisell Cabrera & Maki Sonobe
Director: Sonia Malfa
Creative Director & Photographer: Ed Maximus
Model & Talent #1: Simone Awor
Cinematographer: Lisa Rinzler
Fashion Editor: Yety Akinola
Production Designer: Rebekka Fellah
Art Director: Chloe T. Nelson
Makeup Artist #1: Tara Lauren
Makeup Artist #2: Geeta Khanna
Motion Director: Roya Carreras
Dancer: Jamie Lee Rodney
1st Assistant Camera: Sidney Gomes
Producer Assistants: Camila Rueda & Gabrielle Lia
Talent #2: Christabel Campbell
Talent #3 & Driver #1: Azuka Okeke
Driver #2: Omola Ochei
Driver #3: Edozie Eze
Floral Artist: Sreydy Ziobro
Styling Assistants: Ellie Salaun & Erica Boisaubin
BTS Photographer: Nyasia Sylvester
Sound Designer/Mixer: Nicholas Montgomery
Colorist: Daniel Silverman
Color Grade Facility:


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