A lovely documentary short about Oklahoma-born artist McKenzie Ellis aka Mothica, in honour of her debut album. Directed by Los Angeles-based director Hunter Lyon (previously featured here), “Blue Hour” offers an intimate look at Mothica’s hometown and personal struggles with addiction and abuse:

“We shot in my childhood home which is now abandoned, the high school I went to, the parks I snuck into at night, and an old chapel one day before it was torn down. It was nerve-wracking asking people to work on a project that talks about sexual abuse, my suicide attempt, and addiction, but I knew how important it could be to someone else who has experienced anything similar. By telling my story, I let it go. I long to see the beauty amidst all the hurt, and the color my pain has given me is a perfect shade of blue.”


Directed by Hunter Lyon
DP: Brandon Waddell
AC: Jake Lurvey
Colorist: Jacob McKee


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