Love the way the scene is staged in this short film by New York City-based writer-director Daniel Antebi (previously featured here). A 2019 Sundance Ignite Winner, “a dios” explores the relationship between two latinx caretakers and is based on Antebi’s own memories of the two women, Regina and Josefina, who helped raise him and his sister in Mexico City. Antebi recalls overhearing many tense exchanges between the two women but being too young to understand what they were about. It was only after reconnecting with them as an adult, that Antebi was finally able to gain insight into the conversations that had always eluded him:

They reflected on the details of the arguments I witnessed as a child. Through their stories, I learned that their conversations were actually a process of catharsis, often seeking each other’s ear for relief. Even when their connection was strained, they mended their inner pain through their relationship. Although, Jose’s and Regi’s lives have taken different paths, living in different cities, their love still endures… I often think of reflections as devine. Perhaps if God could see Her creations, she’d see us through reflections.”

Watch Antebi’s ode to Regi and Jose above and see full credits below!


Besanya Santiago
Iliana Guibert
Madeline Lagreco

Writer, Director + Editor: Daniel Antebi
Producer: Reid Hannaford, Natalie Harris
Director of Photography: Zach Lowry
UPM: Ramsee Chand
Casting Director: Jake Krickhan
Sound Mixer: Richard Baldomero
1st AC: Colton Huynh
Gaffer: Nayla Davis
Production Designer: Rachel Brown
Film Development: Color Lab
Color: Josh Bohoskey @ The Mill
Sound Design: Will Mayho
VFX: Luca Balser


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