Love the intensity of this video for Chris Liebing and Charlotte de Witte’s techno collaboration by Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Nogari (previously featured here). Shot in São Paulo by Swedish cinematographer Erik Henriksson and produced by Iconoclast, “Liquid Slow” tells an unconventional love story between two outsiders. As Nogari explains:

“Inspired by the dance marathons that were held during the great depression in the 40s, it’s set up in a dystopian near future where a girl has no other option than to compete in one of these underground marathons in order to pay her loved one’s debt.”

Check it out above and see full credits below!


Starring Juana Chi & Wellington Paulino
Directed by Nogari
A&R by Charlotte de Witte
Produced by Iconoclast
Executive Producers: Francesco Colombo, Greg Boghossian,
Francesco Civita, Natan Schottenfels
Line Producer: Andre Bauer
DoP: Erik Henriksson
Art Director: Carol Ozzi
Stylist: Ana Wainer
Hair and Makeup: Patricia Martinelli
Editing: Fernando Nogari & Rami D’aguiar
Colorist: Houmam
Color Producer: Gosia Herman


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