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A beautifully shot video from Moroccan-Canadian artist Mehdi Bahmad (previously featured here). Featuring the childhood game of telephone, Bahmad invites us to join him in an idyllic universe where nothing is forbidden. The track was written in his father’s village of Aït Zeggane and plays with the racist expression of ‘‘Téléphone Arabe’’ to contrast the future of multiculturalism, plurality, and belonging he wishes for everyone.


Directed & Conceived by Mehdi Bahmad
Assistant Director: Gabrielle Pariseau
Producer: François Olivier-Gouriou
Cinematographer: Laurent Schraenen
Camera Assistant: Charlie Laigneau
Camera Trainee : Pierre De Fraguier
Gaffer: Claire Giblet
Grip: Andres Castillo
Artistic Direction: Mehdi Bahmad
MUA : Ariane Coulombe
MUA Assistant: Melina Di Bernado
Hair Stylist: Joshua Duguay
Wardrobe: Ryme Zahzam
Choreographer: Maryse Loiselle & Ana Espinosa
Production Assistant: Ariane Leroux-Ringuette
Craft Service: Alexandre Renault
Edit: Mehdi Bahmad
Colorist: Steven Mercier (MELS)
VFX: Nicolas St-Cyr (MELS)

Samaleh Harbi, Isadora Ayesha Lima Fortin,
Malek Khalil, Jefferson Bondo, Ryme Zazham,
Fanny Salomé, Sonia Alimi, Kaeton Bonli,
Bashir Chebeia & Antoine Kassabji

Special Thanks:
Post-Moderne Caméras, SLA Location,
MELS, Studio Du Château & Marie-Pier Dupuis


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