Contemporary dancer Rhys Dennis shares his sense of movement and spontaneity in this lovely portrait by London-based director and photographer Josefin Malmén (previously featured here). Shot on the hottest day of the year, “Heat” captures not only Dennis’s passion and dedication but the therapeutic nature of what he does. As Malmén describes:

“The heat dictated everything from the movement to the camera work (38 degrees celsius / 100.4 Fahrenheit is not something you normally come across in London). This work was created through improvisation and is a testament to Rhys’ relationship with movement. Improvisation is something I also love to do as a filmmaker, but it’s not always possible on larger shoots. To just go with your gut, create something genuine and in the moment. Shooting under these circumstances and with a skeleton crew really helped us in trying to create an authentic piece.”

Watch “Heat” above and see full credits below!


Performed & Narrated by Rhys Dennis
Directed by Josefin Malmén
Shot by Kristian Engelsen
Colour by Sabina Törnberg at MUD
Film Processed by Kodak Film Lab London
Music by Crisp&Classy
Special Thanks to Kate Brady at Riff Raff Films and Sam Gleeson at Arri Rental London





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