A fun yet poignant short about a couple who literally speak their own language by director-producer Rayka Zehtabchi and writer-director Sam Davis (previously featured here). Coming off an Oscar win for Best Documentary Short, Davis and Zehtabchi subvert expectations with their latest offering, the story of Martinese:

“The basic idea was to present a charming doc profile about a retired couple and their quirky hobby, then subtly peel back layers to reveal two lonely empty-nesters. As a society, we don’t talk much about Empty Nest Syndrome. But as we all hustle through our busy days, we hope the film serves as a small reminder of the people who raised you. Wherever they are, they probably miss you.”

While not an actual documentary, “(SHn(y)o͞of)” captures some truly natural performances and, ultimately, a very real sense of loneliness. Check it out above!


Written & Directed by Sam Davis
Directed & Produced by Rayka Zehtabchi
Produced by Tim Deters


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