Lots of nice little details in this video for Conociendo Rusia by director Hernán Kacew of Buenos Aires-based Pantera & Company (previously featured here). Set in an old boarding house, “Cosas Para Decirte” follows various occupants as they go about their daily routines, all while their belongings are gradually removed.


Horacio Marassi
Jazmin Kullock
Timmy Villegas
Ana Cuzzani
Julia Augé
Josefina Imfeld
Magdalena Pardo
Delfina Dotti
Pilar Rodriguez Zizzias
Jonathan Yoffe
Sebastian Dartayete

Directed by Hernan Kacew
Production Company: Pantera&Co
Produced by Manuel Aguer and Paloma Torras
DoP: Pablo Bernst
Focus Puller: Rodrigo Sanchez
Camera Assistant: Mariana Kacef
AD: Sabrina Garcia
2nd AD: Laura Lopez
Set Design: Tomas Cabrera & Ursula Benavidez
Set Design Assistant: Carmen Rivoira, Isadora Teixeira de Barcelos
Props: Nahuel Colazo
Styling and Wardrobe: Damasia Arias
Wardrobe Assistant: Camila Prim, Zoel Gastou Gasparini
Steadicam OP: Esteban Gonzalez
Steadicam Assistant: Nehuen Bermudez Rojas
Gaffer: Santiago Gitelman
Electrician: Daniel Carrizo
Key Grip: Jose Palacios
Production Assistant: Ignacio Gvirtz
MUA: Yamila Zarlenga
MUA Assistant: Ines Pizarro
Color Grading: Alejandro Armaleo


This video was submitted by Hernán Kacew and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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