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“Changeless” by Andrej Landin & Almog Avidan Antonir - BOOOOOOOM TV - A daily selection of the best short films, music videos, and animations.

A lovely meditation on friendship and how things change over time by writer-directors Andrej Landin and Almog Avidan Antonir. Set to the voiceover of three friends about to embark on new chapters in their lives, “Changeless” touches on the anxieties of growing apart in an age where social media so often fails to replace the bonds of physically being and growing together.


Written & Directed by Andrej Landin & Almog Avidan Antonir
Produced by Max Landwirth, Andrej Landin, Almog Avidan Antonir
Cast: Chase Cargill, Tom Assam-Miller, Josh Dominguez
Director of Photography: Benjamin Fischinger
Colorist: Johan Wiman
Sound: Tony Aguilar
Edited by: Andrej Landin & Almog Avidan Antonir
Music: “Silence of Siberia” by Lowercase Noises
Special Thanks to Cole Woods & Adolfo Kahan


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