A lovely meditation on the end of a relationship by German cinematographer Tim Bieker. Set to the words of a farewell letter, “Breathe” follows two lovers who make a conscious decision to part ways in as peaceful and respectful a manner as possible.


Produced, Directed & Shot by Tim Bieker
Editor: Benedikt Strick
Colorist: Maria Carretero @ Framestore Chicago
Color Producer: Rachel Cohen @ Framestore Chicago
Music & Sound Design: Karin Pallier @ Staub Audio
Voiceover Recording: Janik Rennollet
Text written by Simon Schwarz & Tim Bieker
Additional Thanks:
MBF Filmtechnik, Jan Czmok, Oona Eberle at SEC Studio,
Benoit and Hannah, Moritz Staub and Nathini Van der Meer


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