A beautiful exploration of the transformative process of death for Cédrik St-Onge’s track “Demain.” Co-directed by Félix Cayer and Vincent René-Lortie (previously featured here), the pair collaborated with experimental animation artist Guillaume Vallée to organically tie the subject to the process itself:

“directly working on the film stock, Guillaume was able to create sequences that open a space for questions on what happens after we die and our own actual existence in the now.”

Check out “Demain” above and see full credits below!


Starring Elon Hoglung, Cassandre Emmanuel & Lawrence Nour-Desjardins
Directors: Vincent René-Lortie & Félix Cayer
Animation: Guillaume Vallée
Producer: Samuel Caron
Production Company: Telescope Films
Choreographer: Tentacle Tribe
Production Manager: Nicolas Fontaine
Cinematographer: Alexandre Nour
Art Director: Maïlis Roy-Lessard
Make-up Artist: Mary Khalife
Camera Operator: Benoît Gauthier
Gimbal Technician: Benjamin Granet
1st Camera Assistant: Steven Turcotte
Production Assistants: Simon Duguay-Blackburn, Klara Zelenkova, Mariana Ribeiro
Editor: Vincent René-Lortie
Sound Designer: Estelle Abou
Colorist: Simon Boisx
VFX: Philippe Toupin
Scan 35mm: MELS
Project Manager MELS: Richard Bélanger
Postproduction Coordinator: Pierre Thériault
Special Thanks: Nancy Grant, Auto Parts Colmor & Cineground


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