A devastating portrait of abuse and repression written and directed by filmmaker Moisés Aisemberg from Mexico City. “Guilt” tells the story of a young boy who endures further humiliation and punishment when trying to tell the truth of what happened to him. The film offers a stark glimpse into the layers of trauma children experience and the involuntary repression that takes place within a society that tolerates abuse.

Content Warning: The video above contains themes and situations relating to sexual assault that viewers may find triggering.


Diego García Moreno
Patricio López de Rodas
Luis Alberti
Omar Medina

Written and Directed by Moisés Aisemberg
Produced by Regina Galaz, Juan Sarquis & Moisés Aisemberg
Co-produced by Joakim Ziegler & Oyvind Stiauren
Associate Producer: Iris Mendieta
DOP: Carolina Costa
Art Director: Marcela Arenas
Editor: Jonás Fregoso
Sound Design: Enrique Domínguez
Music: Celer
Poster Design: Carlos Martínez Trujillo – Bienal Comunicación
Distribution: Marvin & Wayne


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