A lovely video for Saga Back by Swedish director Faramarz Gosheh and cinematographer Mika Aberra. Based on the loss of Saga’s mother who passed away from cancer two years ago, “Heaven’s Not Ready” is a celebration of life and different kinds of relationships, as Gosheh explains:

“We get an insight into three different stories, all of them unrelated to each other and to Saga, but they all have one thing in common. Hope and the joy of life.”

Watch above and some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Mattheus Bairu
Adelle Bairu
Isabel Aguilar Johansson
Ida Aguilar
Gun Ahlin

Director: Faramarz Gosheh
Cinematographer: Mika Aberra
Gaffer: Linus Hellström
Steadicam/Drone: Kasper Bröns
Production Coordinator: Martin Simonic
Behind the Scenes: Alexander Lindblad
PA: Donna Lee, Johan Milding
Editor: Faramarz Gosheh
Color: Mika Aberra
Sound design: Tomas Nyman
Production Company: Noor Studios









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