Nice look to this video for Kyson by Berlin-based director Andreas Lamoth. Shot on 16mm Kodak film, “After the Rain” is the first in a series of videos Lamoth directed for the Australian singer-songwriter.

“As the birds began to rise, a voice from the clouds spoke in tones of softest yellow: Out of the dust spring the flowers and out of the soil comes goodness.”


Jierui Zhang
Aimée Tsuiakita
Hang-Thay Lee
Yao Guo, Menqiu Li
Mr. Yang
Sportschule Lee

Directed by Andreas Lamoth
Written by Jian Liew & Andreas Lamoth
Produced by Bears Calling GmbH
Executive Producer: Anna Honerlagen
Producer: Selina Kaiser
DoP: Kaspar Hornikel
1st AC: Daniel Merget, Franz Deutschmann
2nd AC: Pauline Zankel
Gaffer: Avner Eisenstein, Darius Tschorn
Electrician: Philipp Hummel, Ivar Jacobsen
Key Grip: Karem Fassel
Editor: Marc Böhlhoff
Soundmix & Design: Benjamin Schäfer (Loft Studios)
Colorist: Lutz Forster, C.S.I.
Animation by Oskar Fischinger
Production Designer: Jian Liew
Stylist: Talina Bauer (Studio Lun)
Set Design: Lorena Cao, Jian Liew
PA: Leonie Gora
Make-Up: Florian Gruber

Special Thanks
See You Rent
The Greens Berlin


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