A bleak stop-motion short about companionship, loneliness and the impact of environmental disaster written and directed by Ieuan Lewis and George Warren. Started during George and Ieuan’s final year of university, “Uki” tells the story of a lonely Inuit who struggles to survive after an oil spill kills all the wildlife in the area.


Directed & Written by Ieuan Lewis & George Warren
Composer & Sound: Tom Angell
Mentors: The Brothers McLeod (Greg Mcleod & Myles Mcleod)
Production Support: Tom Langford
Colour Grade: Matt Day
Concept Illustration: Tom Stockwell
Concept Illustration: Sean O’Brien
Executive Producer for BBC: Emma Cahusac
Executive Producer for Wingspan Productions: Deborah Lee
Executive for the BFI: Gillian Scothern
BBC Animation Executive: Helen Brunsdon


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