A delightful short written and directed by Norway-based filmmaker Armita Keyani. “Welcome Home” tells the story of an Iranian couple who are visited by two Norwegian Jehovah’s Witnesses. New to the country and eager to learn the language, the young couple invite them in.


Elnaz Asgari
Ashkan Ghorbani
Marianne Lauritsen
Ole Jørgen Farstad

Director & Writer: Armita Keyani
Cinematographer: Sverre Kvamme
1st Assistant Director: Sverre Matias Glenne
1st Assistant Camera: Birgitte Aarebrodt
Gaffer: Jostein Venås
Gaffer Assistant: Martine Thon Bråthen
Sound: Magnus Haukaas, Franciska Seifert Eliassen
Scenography: Mali Galaaen Røsseth
Scenography Assistant: Olivia Eastwood
Production Assistant: Jesper Seip, Jona Kleinlein
DIT: Jona Kleinlein
Catering: Hamid Waheed
Editor: Armita Keyani
Made through Nordland College of Art and Film.


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