An allegorical tale about masculinity from Amsterdam-based director Madja Amin (previously featured here). Appearing from the sky with nothing but a lamb in a suitcase and an engagement ring in his pocket, a young man embarks on a city-wide journey towards his arranged marriage with a woman he has never met.


Nabil Kechouhen
Slimane Dazi
Anna Maria Mulder
Lammetje Klaas

Directed by Madja Amin
Scenario: Madja Amin & Randy Oost
Production Company: Halal
Producer: Gijs Kerbosch & Christine Anderton
Cinematography: Noël Schoolderman
Production Design: Tim Balk
Editor: Wouter van Luijn
Grading: Joppo at De Grot
Sound: Gijs den Hartogh
Music: Raven Aartsen


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