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Branded: “East Meets West: Koharu Sugawara” by Matt Vega - BOOOOOOOM TV - A daily selection of the best short films, music videos, and animations.

A lovely portrait of dancer and choreographer Koharu Sugawara for Sapporo’s East Meets West — a series highlighting the unique creative expression that arises when cultures collide. Directed by Matt Vega and produced by VICE, Sugawara shares the sense of freedom she experienced during her travels in America and how she was able to bring it back with her to Japan.


Director: Matt Vega
DOP: Hans Bobànovits
Production Company: VICE+ Productions
Producer/AD: Christopher Nicholls
B-Cam: Christoph Gelep
1st AC: Kodai Otsuka
Gaffer: Jun Tanaka
Sound: Edan Mason
PA: Meg Igarashi
Editor: Jacob Halpren
Photographer: Jason Taylor
Interpreter: Masaya Kubota
AE: Ashley Edgar
Color: Ryan Ruskay
Music Supervisor: Rowan Puri
Designer: Nouhtrang Thao
Sound Design/Mix: Dean White
Client: Sapporo Beer
Creative: Ethan Fudge
Account Supervisor: Christina Evans
Sales: Brian Hanly


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