Shanghai-based director Roni Shao highlights some of China’s most rambunctious, generation-defining artists as a way of exploring the current state of youth subcultures in the digital age. Featuring experimental post-punk band Absolute Purity, Dj Alex Wang, 3D artist ChillChill, vocalist Chacha Yehaiyahan (aka Faded Ghost), Shibari practitioner Hua Who, contemporary dancer Yanhao Du, model/photographer Huang Jiaqi, rapper Jia Wei, and drag performer Yi Hao, Shao ultimately questions the boundary between performance and everyday life:

“Chinese youth have all become creators on social media. I started to wonder about the nature of self-expression today, particularly in the field of underground subcultures… When I met these young underground artists I was shocked by their bold souls. Their performances revealed unknown frontiers where emotions explode and flow. They never give in to sugary, gratifying art. Instead, they provoke you. They make you uncomfortable with displays of pain… I wonder whether the artists wear their masks when performing, or just when they return to everyday life?””

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