A strangely intimate look at strangers, coworkers, friends, and lovers attempting to fist fight by director Solmund MacPherson. Initially started as a joke, “A Short Documentary About People Fighting” offers an unexpected and fascinating look at a range of human emotions rarely seen.


The Fighters (in order of appearance):
Ian Ingram vs Charlie Fraser
Michelle Lecnik vs Allegra Chiarella
George Penner vs Isaac Tate
Robbie Rousseau vs Ben Boxall
Marina Jansen vs Dylan Bodner
Alex Kohut vs Gislina Patterson
Greg Strempler vs Nick Kosowan
Max Hamilton vs Cinna Baran
Birnie McIntosh vs Juliana Young
Jerome Vandal vs Haley Charney
Brenden Loewen vs Delf Gravert
Kamal Chioua vs Sean Geary
Solmund MacPherson vs Jory Strachan

Directed, Edited & Produced by Solmund MacPherson
Producer: Allegra Chiarella
Assistant Director: Haley Charney
Prod. Coordinator: Ben Boxall
Camera Operators: Dylan Baillie, Landon Lake
Location Audio: Sean Guezen
Sound Mix: Joel Mierau
On Set Medic: Cinna Baran


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