The final instalment of London-based director Harvey Pearson’s three-part trilogy for British singer-songwriter SG Lewis. Shot in Los Angeles on Kodak 16mm, “Dawn” picks up after the events of “Dusk” and “Dark,” completing the trajectory of a single night.


Matilda Lowther
Jayshaun Shaffer
Sebastian Sacco

Director: Harvey Pearson
DP: Hunter Daly
Producer: Georgia Woolley
Production Company: Villager
1st AC: Paolo Arriola
Colourist: Ruth Wardell @ Electric Theatre
Casting: Tallulah Bernard
Edit: Harvey Pearson
Commissioner: Emily Sonnet
Label: PMR / Virgin EMI
Fixer: Volt Mediafix
Lab: Kodak London

Special Thanks To:
Cathy Pierce & Panavision Hollywood
George Rumsey @ Panavision Uk
Kodak UK
Antoine Bal


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