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Love becomes a literal force of nature in this fun video for De Staat’s track with Tessa Douwstra aka Luwten by director Ruben Van Leer (previously featured here). Shot in a monochromatic world, “Tie Me Down” uses flags as symbols of both freedom and the marking of territory. As Van Leer adds:

“Tessa and Torre make way through hazardous winds, risky quakes and compelling gravities to surrender in a yin-yang pose. I loved the song for giving stage to an epic visual journey that fits one of the most imaginative Dutch pop bands of my generation.”

Watch above and check out some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!








Director: Ruben Van Leer
Concept: Tessa Douwstra, Torre Florim, Ruben Van Leer
Creation: RVL_studio
Production: Mr.Frank
Producers: Sjoerd Dekker, Miguel Teixeira, Mathilda Hedberg, Ruben Van Leer
Director of Photography: Mick Van Rossum, NSC
Editor: Philip Smeulers
Choreographer: Antonin Comestaz
1st​ AD: Eritia de Jonghe
2nd AD: Senne de Beul
Art Department: Jelier & Schaaf
Art Director: Ralf van Lanen
Set Dresser: Huib Raeven
Assistants: Mara Baas, Silvana Araoz
Stunt Department: Stuntteam de Beukelaer
Stunt coordinator: Marco Maas
Stunt rigging: Brian van der Vooren, Paul Koops, JP Dekam, Saskia Neville, Staz Lazdan, Joey van Rijthoven
Postproduction: Darlings
VFX Manager: Robert Okker
VFX Supervisor: Lise Prudhomme
3D: Tim Van Helsdingen, Alex Doss
Compositing: Lise Prudhomme, Randy Roemeon, Ruben Van Leer
Grading: George Balatoni
Roto & Paint: Noa Graphics Studio
Managing: Moolchand, Narendra Moond, Shivani jindal, Jatin jindal
Team Lead: Rajan Balana
Paint Artists: Nagendra moond, Nitasha Rani
Roto Artists: Vinod Kumar, Komal Rajput, Vishal Sharma
1st AC: Vincent Geijsel
Gaffer: Paul Wilens
Best Girl: Karina van der Berg
Grip: Tim de Heer
Styling: April Jumelet
Make-up & Hair: Ellen van Exter
Assistant: Dominique Rikken
Set Photography: Petra Katanic
Sound FX & Audio Mix: Guido Maat (Audentity)
Production Assistents: Adam Crick, Kathy Shiavong, Nadine Haselier, Billal Slimani
Camera Equipment: Cam-a-lot
Light Equipment: Lites Amsterdam
Grip: Gripwise
Studio: Amsterdam Studios
Windmachines: Elementum FX
Stock: GettyImages

Special Thanks:
Henk de Vries
Bo Polak
Berthine Van Dalen
Joris Oosterman
MoolChand Moond
Arjo Klingens
Jelle Schotanus


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