An ode to fatherhood by director Dumas Haddad. Challenging the stereotypes that surround black men in modern society, “Fathers” gives insight into the emotional and spiritual lives of a group whose mental health is too often disregarded. The film is accompanied by poet Sophia Thakur, who speaks from a mother’s perspective of the struggle she sees between fulfilling personal ambitions and providing for their young families.

ByUs Group Films are Azekel, Ade Adesina, Olan Collardy and Dumas Haddad — all young fathers in the creative industry striving to provide an innovative and artistic approach to documentary storytelling.


Director: Dumas Haddad
Creative Director: Adeleke O “Adelight
Director of Photography: Olan Collardy
Production Company: ByUsGroup Films
1st AC: Kairo Jones
Colourist: Peter Oppersdorff
Grade House: MPC
Music Courtesy of Azekel from the album ‘Our Fathers’
Narrator & Voice Over: Sophia Thakur


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