Lots of lovely movement in this video for Lisel by Los Angeles-based director Jing Niu (previously featured here):

“‘Ciphers’ is about the haunting uncertainty in the pathways set out before you, and realizing these courses have become more disorienting than you thought — at best entangled, at worst empty.”


Directed by Jing Niu
Produced by Zoë Alyce Salnave
Cinematography by Philips Shum
Choreographer & Dancer: Jasmine Lin
Production Designer: Anna Lian Tes
Hair & Make-Up: Cindy Flores
Costume Designer: Sami Martin Sarmiento
First AC: Octavio Estrada
Gaffer: James Suter
Art Director: Jacki Huntington
Art Director: Ellen Connaughton
Editor: Jing Niu
Assistant Producer: Tiffany Judkins
Production Assistant: Tiffany Spriggs
Production Assistant & BTS: Andrè Winn
Production Services Provided by SuperSight Media, Inc.


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