Love the energy of this video for Heavy Baile’s track with Goes by London-based director Alex Tiernan of Old Man Taro. Based on a traditional rhythm from northeast Brazil, “Ciranda” follows a charming young cook who dances the day away. As Tiernan explains further:

“I wanted the film to have the whimsicality you find in Brazilian folk lyrics, and Brazilian songwriting has no better folk hero than the ‘malandro’. The image of the loveable scoundrel who shuns work and relies on his wits to sidestep authority has become a kind of national emblem in a country that is still deeply unequal. The premise to this dance video is pretty simple, but is really an expression of the spontaneity and unique genius of the malandro spirit.”


Directed by Alex Tiernan
DP: Cauã Csik
Prod Co.: Old Man Taro
Producer: Marina Novello
Editor: Alex Tiernan
Colourist: Jax Harney
Titles: Douglas de Fatima


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