A deeply personal film about musician, snny, by director Daniel Navetta of New York-based Bryght Young Things. Beautifully shot on 16mm, “Otito” follows snny as he journeys back to the Ivory Coast for the first time in nearly 20 years. While experimenting with poetic tones and larger themes of immigration and dual identities, the film ultimately takes a simplistic approach to a complex narrative, showcasing the beauty that lies within all of our individual journeys, whether inward or outward.


Featuring snny
Directed by Daniel Navetta
Cinematography: Jordan Hall
Sr Producer: Steve Cozzarelli
Producers: Sean Delahunt & Guy Armand Fabrice Baithey
Editor: Gabe Darling at Sibling Rivalry
Add’l editors: Vincent Staropoli +Sean Delahunt
Score: Alex Mendoza
Color: Ayumi Ashley at Ntropic
Mix: Tom Camuso at Brooklyn Post


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