A fantastic portrait of artist Christian Rex van Minnen by directors Justin Carlson and Alex Nicholson. The first in a series of short experimental documentaries, “CRvM” follows van Minnen through his physical studio space as well as his unique “headspace”:

“While Christian Rex van Minnen’s prowess as a painter is no doubt an expression of his unnatural talent, it is also the product of a life dedicated to mastery of the process. That process is as introspective and emotional as it is technical…. ‘the most important thing,’ Christian emphasizes, ‘is painting. It’s not the painting.'”


Directors: Justin Carlson + Alex Nicholson
Director of Photography: Justin Carlson
Music: Mount Eerie
Editor: Justin Carlson
Colorist: Sean Wells (Roast n’ Post)
VFX: Mike Gaynor
Audio Mix: Chris Konovaliv (Audiolux)
Title Design: Andreas Helin


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