Another inspired short by Jeannie Nguyen (previously featured here). Filled with dream-like absurdity and unsettling familiarity, “Clam Dog” follows a typical night in the life of a jaded food courier who runs into a moral dilemma when she must decide whether to deliver an order that has been ‘tainted’.


Ngoc Anh Ha as Trang
Jenny Yang as Christine
Alex Robinson as Stephen
Jason Bornstein as Mitchell
Alex Blomme as Youtuber
Tyson Carter as Jamal
Stuart Orloff as Frankie’s Cashier
Andrew Tran as Hung
Edgar Allen Poe as Nomad
Michael Messiha as Hype Man
Josiah Burgess as Chicken Day Patron

Written & Directed by Jeannie Nguyen
Cinematography by Andrew Yuyi Truong
Produced by Jing Niu
Production Designer: Anna Lian Tes
Costume Designer: Allison Choi Braun
Editor: Jeadrew
AD: Cat Luu
Script Supervisor: Nicole Rapatan
Hair/MUA: Mary Tran
MUA: Crystal Tran
1st AC: Cleon Arrey
2nd AC: Alli Nakamura
Gaffer: Anderson Ko
Key Grip: Martin Watts
Grip: David Carter
Best Boy: Bandit Nguyen
Production Designer Assistant: Suzan Choy
Production Designer Assistant: Monica Vu
Costume Designer Assistant: Kristina Truong
Costume Designer Assistant: Alyssa Depaola
Location Sound: Sean Hokanson
Sound Designer/Mixer: Scopic Soundworks
VFX: Chris Yi
Mograph Artist: Suzan Choy
Colorist: Luis Silva
Storyboard Artist: Carmen Liang


This video was submitted by Jeannie Nguyen and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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