Great look to this video for Rels B by director Miguel Angulo. “Mejor no nos vemos” offers up a series of interconnected sequences exploring different moments within a relationship that has been affected by jealousy.


Kimberley Tell
Rels B

Director: Miguel Angulo
Cinematographer: Octavio Arias
Prod. Co: Igloo Films
Executive Prod: Meghan Shaw
Producer: Laura Guerrero
Production Manager: Blanca Serrano
Production Coordinator: Gustavo Pérez
1st Assistant Prod: Patricia Granda
2nd Assistant Prod: Daniel Rodríguez
3rd Assistant Prod: Carlos Urrea
Aux. Prod: Rebeca Otero
Aux. Prod: Joana María Ginart
Cast. Director: Mariam Grande
Cast. Assistant: Marisa Lozano
1st AC: Mario Pérez
DIT: Carlo Rho
Art Director: Ilduara Vandall
Art Director Assistant: Serafín
Set Dresser: Javier Garrido
Set Dresser: Javier Morán
Costume Designer: Guille & Ilduara Vandall
Makeup & Hairstyle: pablo
Makeup Assistant: Irene Andrés Torre
Bolt Operator: Nico Alsina
Bolt Assitant: Carlos
Sound: Ismael Calvo
Gaffer: Fernando Llanos
Spark: Alejandro Romero
Spark: Guillermo de la Dehesa
Spark: Isaac Obregón
Transport: Gabriel López
Transport: Óscar Gómez
Postptoduction Coordinator: Jose David Alonso
VFX: We Wotion
Color Grading: Fran Condor
Camera Rental: Ill Cameras
Light House: Enfoco
Bolt: El 28 Studio
Catering: Miss Costillas

Thanks to:
Maria Escote
Shoop Clothing
Ana Locking
Mané Mané
Cherry Masía
Glenda López
44 Studio
LA Studio
Mister Piro


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