A lovely meditation on the pursuit of perfection by Detroit-based director Kurt Schneider of Eightfold Collective. Shot on Kodak 16mm and featuring pianist Ivan Moshchuk, “Thoroughbred” explores the isolating battle waged between ambition and anxiety.


Here again, seated with a gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction.
The ache in my stomach, the push at my back, always constant.
Driven by that ambiguous spark.
I question its origin, its impetus.
Burning, my envy rages against those so easily satisfied.
To know that peace would be bliss.
Yet were it offered, I know I would decline.
For as much as I disdain its presence, I invite its consistency.
Always more, always next.
For now, that great fear, the gap between my accomplishments and its expectations, subsides for the day.
I’ve earned this calm, this freedom.
But it is fleeting.
For tomorrow, we start again.


Featuring Ivan Moshchuk
Directed by Kurt Schneider
Produced by Eightfold
DP: Casey Stolberg
1st AC: Quinton Rodriguez
2nd AC: Vinnie Bredemus
Steadicam: Greg Johnson
Gaffer: Taylor McKean
Grip: Jake Gottman
PA: Kyle Brow
Sound Design: Tailorsound
Color: Matt Osborne
Film Processing: FotoKem

Special Thanks:
Linda Jackson @ The Mill LA
Stratton Camera


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