Nice sense of childlike wonder and little sci-fi twist in this short film by writer-director Riun Garner (previously featured here). “Under Stars” follows a young boy who embarks on a quest to be taken to another dimension in an effort to save his family.


Trey Foreman
Kirsten Robek
Bob Frazer

Director: Riun Garner
Production Company: Pool Service
Producers: Dallas Sauer, Riun Garner, Julian Geraets, and Phil Collins
Writer: Riun Garner
1st AD: Dallas Sauer
Cinematographer: Julian Geraets
Editor: Riun Garner
1st AC: Phil Collins
2nd AC: Chase Rickaby
Camera Operators: Phil Collins and Dallas Sauer
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Original Score: Malcolm Dow
Sound Design: Malcolm Dow
Sound Mixer: Jordaniel Bennett
ADR Recordist: Jordaniel Bennett
Costume Designer: Carlee Wallace
Hair and Makeup: Becca Randle and Jodine Chaulk
Production Designer: Jeremy Andruschak
Set Designer: Matt Prior
Art Director: Dylan Humphreys
Set Dresser: Dawson Ross
Digital Compositors: Syafiq Jaafar and Tatenda Hatugari

Special Thanks: Grayson Ross, Tanya Foreman, Patty Horvath, Steve Beaton, Wendy Clark, Gordie Clark, Ron Nickel, Monica Guitierrez, Jamie Perchie, Dane Armour, Brynn Forsey, David Cooper, Greg Crompton, Jon Bryant, Tavi Parusel, Kevin Cho, Meredith Lacosse, Geoffrey Browing, Platform Vancouver, and Community Thrift + Vintage


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