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Beautifully twisted visuals in this video for Montréal-based electronic duo Sterling Grove’s track with Monsoonsiren. Directed by Stephen Robusto and produced by House of Youth, “Belonging” features the haunting movements of Meredith Adelaide and Oriana Leman. As the band explains:

“Since visuals are an important aspect of our creative process and identity, we called up our trusted friend, artist and actress Meredith Adelaide, to weigh in on a concept for the music video. Together, we came up with an elusive and eerie good-twin/evil-twin concept, and brought on actor Oriana Leman. We focused on locations that featured the elements water, fire, earth, and air, and played with ideas of identity, companionship, the forces of nature, and good versus evil. It’s difficult to tell which actor represents what, who is affecting who, and which forces win. Perhaps it’s all a balance. Maybe we’re not supposed to know.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Featuring Meredith Adelaide & Oriana Leman
Produced by House of Youth
Directed by Stephen Robusto
DOP: Alex Bussière
AC: Carl Frisko
Choreography: Oriana Leman & Meredith Adelaide
Art direction: HY
Music: Marc Luciano, Stephen Robusto
Line production: Marc Luciano, Carl Frisko
Set design: House of Youth
Make-up: Marie Brandt
Costumes: Jeremy Pilotte Byrne
Editing: Stephen Robusto, Carl Frisko, Jeremy Pilote Byrne
Color: Simon BØISX
BTS Photographers: Jeremy Pilote-Byrne, Meredith Adelaide

Special Thanks:
Garry Byrne
Sandra Geraghty
Marie Brandt


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