A powerful short by Brazilian director Del (previously featured here). Set to Liniker’s cover of “Forever Young” by Alphaville, “35” exposes the brutal reality of hate and violence in Brazil, a place where transsexuals have a life expectancy of just 35 years.

“The idea for the film was developed together with Luh Mazza (scriptwtitter) and Uni Correa (creative researcher), two transsexual women who break statistics to open space in a super-conservative society, specially now, after the election of Jair Bolsonaro, an alt-right, notoriously homophobic President.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Film Production Company: ​FAUNA
Director: ​Del
Script: ​Luh Maza
Creative Research: ​Uni Corrêa
Executive Producer: ​Patrick Petry, Graziella Nadruz
Cinematographer: ​Lari Zaidan
Art Director: ​Ana Henriques
Assistant Director: ​Thais Soares, Tatiana Falco, Van Foxter Line
Producer: ​Claudia Regina
Production Coordinator: ​Andreia Beni
Editor: ​Bruna Abubakir
Color Grading: ​Fernando Lui -​ ​Marla Color Grading
Post Production Supervisor: ​Rafael Malavasi
Sound Studio​: Tesis
Sound Producer​: Marcos Vaz, Henrique Racz, Silvio Piesco
Singer​: Liniker


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