A foreman at a machine shop struggles to keep the business running while protecting her workers’ interests in this moving short by Los Angeles-based writer-director Daniel Drummond. Released to coincide with International Worker’s Day, “A Foreman” is a celebration of the kind of people and daily struggles Drummond observed throughout his formative years:

“Growing up in one of Brazil’s poorest states, I witnessed first-hand the challenges and hurdles of blue-collar life. I grew to see the world of businesses struggling to stay afloat. Of managers weighing the well-being of their employees against that of their businesses. Of parents working two jobs to support their children… And I grew particularly in awe of the dignity and resilience with which each of these workers tackled the difficulties life hurled at them… Those workers were not deciding the fate of the world. But they were very often deciding the fate of *their* world. And they deserve to have their stories told with honesty and sincerity. “A Foreman” is a film to those people.”


Piercey Dalton
Bradley Miller
Michael R. Maino
Josh Olkowski
Ivan Borodin

Written & Directed by Daniel Drummond
Produced by Esteban Zuluaga
Director of Photography: Connor Vickers
Production Designer: Michael Aranda
Editor: Hayden Spriggs
Supervising Sound Editor: Carson French
Produced at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


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